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What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift, also known as a feather lift or skin stitch, is a less invasive and less costly alternative to traditional facelift procedures. As the skin ages, it begins to droop and sag. This is immediately noticeable on the face, which is a cause for concern for many women and men wishing to retain a youthful appearance. The thread lift procedure involves the insertion of fine “feathered” thread into the areas of the face affected by sagging or drooping using very small incisions and a hollow needle. There are tiny barbs on the threads which latch onto the skin tissue. When the threads are pulled and adjusted, the skin is tightened. Over time, collagen forms around the thread to hold the skin in its new anchored position.


The results of the procedure are immediate, and patients are rewarded with a younger-looking face with tighter skin. Because no or only local anesthesia is used for a thread lift, patients are conscious during the procedure and can see the effects of the tightening of the threads as it occurs and voice opinions while the procedure is still in progress. The threads can be adjusted at a future point in time to compensate for the further sagging that may occur as the skin continues to age. The procedure is normally completed in one to two hours and is ideal for patients from 30 to 60 years old with slight facial sagging around the neck, jawline and jowls.

Toronto Thread Lift

Dr. Colin Hong is a Toronto cosmetic surgeon with a great deal of experience in the thread lift procedure. Dr. Hong advises that patients learn as much as possible about the procedure and what effects it can achieve for their particular appearance. In general, a thread lift is suitable for a patient who had a surgical facelift and still need to correct areas that are still sagging and drooping, is not suitable for surgical facelifts or has early signs of facial aging that does not require a surgical facelift. However, a thread lift can produce good results even for those with more severe signs of aging, such as “marionette” lines.


A Toronto thread lift is a minor procedure that does not require removing or cutting the skin, unlike with a face lift. A patient can return home immediately after it is completed and quickly resume normal activities. Any mild swelling or bruising around the areas where the threads were inserted usually disappears in two to three days, although patients are cautioned to keep their face as immobile as possible for a few days to prevent the threads from dislodging. The tiny incisions used during the procedure typically do not leave any scarring, and the results of the procedure can last from 3 to 10 years depending on the individual.


Throughout his long professional vocation, Dr. Hong has assisted hundreds of patients in augmenting both their looks and self-confidence by performing their advanced cosmetic surgery requests. Procedures that are among his most requested are tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction in Toronto. Dr. Hong has also assisted his many Botox Toronto patients andrhinoplasty patients with their requests of realizing their facial beautification goals.