Dr. Colin Hong

He has extensive experience in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Micro vascular Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery.

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  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Skin Surgery
  • Skin Care & Injectables
  • Reconstructive Surgery
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Dr. Colin Hong

Dr. Colin Hong practices plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Toronto. He has extensive experience in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Micro vascular Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery.

Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday
    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday
    8.00 AM - 5.00 PM
  • Sunday
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Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Colin Hong provides Cosmetic Surgery services such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation,...

Cosmetic Skin Surgery

Dr. Colin Hong's is an expert Cosmetic Skin Surgeon. He offers services...

Skin Care & Injectables

Are you interested in Chemical Peel, Laser Acne Treatment, Laser Tattoo Removal,...

Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Colin Hong is one of the top hair transplant doctors in...

Gender Specification

Dr. Colin Hong specializes in Hymen Reconstruction, Thermiva, Circumcision, Male Breast Reduction...


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