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Breast Augmentation Recovery Periods


After your breast augmentation surgery, our office will call to check up on the patient later in the day to know how you are faring. This conversation is usually helpful as it gives room to ask more questions about how you are feeling and possibly anything you are not sure of that you are experiencing. This is an interactive section to enable your surgeon and staff to answer all of your questions and clear any possible doubts or fears if there are any. After that, scheduled appointments will be fixed for proper check-ups to see that the results will eventually come out ok.


On the part of the patient, it is very important to keep your appointment and try not to miss anyone. There is always a need to reschedule to meet up and not ignore as this is important. However, the recovery time for every patient is not the same as some tend to heal faster than others due to the nature of their skin. While recovering, there’s a tendency to experience some pain but your surgeon normally provides medications to reduce the pain to help patients. There are also other postoperative measures to take enable fast recovery. Your surgeon will keep you informed about the dos and most especially the don’t. You might be wondering why the surgeons consider the Don’t more and takes it more seriously. This is because obeying the don’t and doing the Dos helps you get better results faster. For instance, massage helps your breast implants adjust to the newly formed breast pockets and reduce pains faster when done as prescribed by your surgeon. Avoiding smoking, too much underwire bra and wrong sleeping position helps your blood in circulating more to the various sore parts of your body for quick healing. This helps the scars fade off quickly as nothing is hindering or slowing down the recovery and healing process. All tedious exercises and normal routines exercises should be paused to avoid unnecessary bleeding after the surgery.


During recovery, the surgeon helps to provide you with the best beneficial options to help you get well as quickly as possible. There are some changes that patients might encounter during their recovery from breast enlargement surgery. Some of which includes swelling around the area where the implants were placed which is the chest region. There is usually bruises and redness where the surgeon made the incisions for the implants. The patient will also experience numbness in their breasts and nipple for some time. The patients generally experience discomfort with the tightness and soreness they feel in their chest. The breast will also look like they are placed at the top of your chest because they will look high and unnatural. This is not a concern because, with time, the implants will balance to fit in their newly formed pockets to give the natural look. Surgeons usually do their best to see to it that whatever technique they are using will eventually cause minimal scars that will heal nicely at the end of the breast augmentation recovery period.