This procedure is popular amongst both men and women that are unable to increase the size or achieve the ideal shape of their calf muscles even with intensive exercise. Calf implants are also done on individuals who suffer from injuries, diseases, such as poliomyelitis, or born with muscle deficiency that causes muscle deterioration. This could cause lost or difficulty in keeping balance.

With growing media attention regarding fitness and bodybuilding, many men start to idealize what body they wish to have right down to each muscle, especially the pecs. The pecs are one of the essential components of the ‘perfect’ body and many are not satisfied with the shape or size they may have.

For any personal or physical reasons, calf implants are an enhancement that helps to relieve any hardship coping with not being able to achieve their ideal look or muscle function. Dr. Colin Hong, a noted Toronto plastic surgeon, will adhere to the needs of the patient by using his expertise to create the most ideal calf size and shape suitable for the patient’s body.

What occurs during surgery?

An incision is first made in the fascia of the gastrocnemius muscle before the silicon implant is inserted in the pocket where the gastrocnemius muscle resides. The gastrocnemius muscle has a medial and lateral portion and dependent on the desired look being attained, one implant could be inserted or two (one in each of the two areas).

This procedure is done for both legs. After successful insertion and placement of the implant, stitches are used to close the incision. The patient is lying on their stomach and is given a general anesthesia during the surgery.

An alternative procedure that could be done to enlarge the calf is fat grafting. Fat grafting requires a donor, which can be obtained in places where fat resides. Dependent on the patient and physician’s preference, the donor area selected will vary. Most common areas are the abdomen, flanks and back. The patient is under a local anesthesia. A syringe is inserted into the donor area where fatty tissue is collected, centrifuge, and then desired fat is isolated from extracellular lipids and blood. The fat from the donor site is then inserted into the calf repeatedly until desire result is obtained. This could be done post-surgery since fat from donor area is kept frozen for later use of touch-ups.

What occurs after surgery?

Normal walking is not restricted but should be kept at a minimal, therefore activities that are heavily demanding on using leg muscles should be avoided, such as, weight lifting, running, biking, etc. The distance of walking can increase as time spent recovering increases. During times where the patient is lying down, which should be done in the first two days, the legs must be kept elevated after surgery. The patient should expect swelling, soreness and bruising, however, the level of discomfort and recovering time will vary from patient to patient. The patient is able to return to normal activity around 2 months.

Dr. Hong is a gifted plastic surgeon who enjoys a reputation as a leading edge arm lift, buttock lift, thigh lift and liposuction Toronto specialist. His reputation includes being a highly knowledgeable tummy tuck Toronto doctor. Please review the following pages to discover more about these surgeries.

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