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What Care Procedures Are Implemented After A Breast Augmentation?


When a surgery is performed, there is always a need to look out for the excellent outcome of the surgery. Getting this result is accompanied by a great dedication and follow up on your doctor’s instructions. If you expect to get something after coming this far in your surgery, all you need to do is abide by the small instructions that will help you see befitting results. After a breast augmentation surgery, there are some instructions that are provided by the plastic surgeon to the patients as a guide to help them. These instructions serve as an aid for quick and normal recovery plus avoiding possible risks or complications after the surgery. Some of these instructions given by the surgeon are:

  1. Quitting smoking before the surgery and weeks after the surgery is very helpful. During your consultation, the surgeon will explain in greater details why you can’t be lighting & inhaling a cigarette when considering a breast enlargement option. If you sneak behind your surgeon to smoke, you put yourself at a higher risk as you will not only hurt yourself or delay your healing process but also waste your resources. This will amount to a major disaster in your health doing more damage than the good you feel you get when you’re smoking that cigarette.
  2. As a mother, it is best to have stopped breastfeeding your baby at least 3 – 5 weeks before undergoing the breast augmentation surgery. This is due to the fact that your post operative care does not allow you to exert pressure on your breasts immediately after surgery. Your wounds are still very fresh and trying to heal from the inside and it wouldn’t be fair to yourself to stress the breast while it’s trying to heal for your desired results. Also, the oral bacterial flora from your baby’s mouth may also cause infection and increase your chance of capsular contracture.
  3. The patient will be informed about the discomfort and pains they will likely experience for the first 1 week after breast implant surgery. They will also be provided with some antibiotics and painkillers to minimize the pain effect. The antibiotics will help to protect the sores from any possible infections at the site of the incisions after the surgery.
  4. The patient will be told when and how frequent to wear the compression garments. The use of bra 24/7 for the first 1 week after surgery alternatively. This will help to keep the implants in the newly formed implant pockets without them shifting off the actual position.
  5. The patient must refrain from strenuous exercises that involve the upper body. Which includes no lifting up of heavy objects or even a toddler, no sex or any exercise that will increase the heartbeat rate faster. Anything that can exert too much pressure on the breasts can affect the breasts and put the patient at risk.
  6. The patient must not wear underwire bras for 6 weeks to 2 months after the breast augmentation surgery. This will distort the flow of blood to various sites of incision causing a delay in the recovery of the patient.
  7. The patient must endeavour to follow up on her appointment after surgery to ensure proper precautions after the surgery.