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Doctor Name Dr. Colin Hong
Primary Specialty Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Experience 30+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education University of California, San Francisco
Residency San Francisco
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Colin Hong 医生在多伦多 从事 整形、美容和重建手术 。他在 美容整形外科、微血管外科和毛发移植手术方面拥有丰富的经验。洪醫生 现任  士嘉堡百年医院 整形外科主任兼整容手术中心主任。他曾任安大略省整形外科学会主席、Rouge Valley Health System 整形外科主任以及安大略省整形外科分部前任副会长。

洪医生多年来进行了大量复杂的手术。其中包括 多伦多的腹部除皱术 和 抽脂术。他的声誉包括多伦多一位杰出的 乳房植入 专家的声誉。洪医生还  定期在多伦多进行整容 和 鼻子手术。请查看与这些程序和其他程序相关的页面。

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Our Testimonials

Elizabeth Ezpinosa

Amazing experience, Doctor Hong is very confident and good at what he does. Every time I go to him I always get good results that I love and feel safe. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Pat Kia

He has very good skills and also a very professional team.

C Wong

Dr. Hong and his staff are very efficient. Dr. Hong managed to diagnose my genetic disease that's been going on for years, and proposed a reasonable price given my situation. Thank you Dr. Hong. I greatly appreciated your help and will recommend your service to my friends and family