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Endoscopic surgery is one of the most important advances in modern surgical procedures. Endoscopic surgery or “keyhole” or “minimally invasive” surgery as it is also known, involves the use of state of the art medical electronics and equipment to keep the size of surgical incisions to a minimum without affecting the efficacy of the procedure. By keeping the incisions small:

The trauma that the body suffers during surgery is reduced

This results in a more rapid recovery

The patient suffers less discomfort

There is less scarring

The chances of unwanted side effects are reduced

Endoscopic plastic surgery involves the use of a tubular probe with a camera and light that is inserted through a small incision. This enables the surgeon to view the internal structure of that part of the body that requires treatment. Other small incisions are then made for surgical tools like scalpels etc. to be inserted in the body and used as required. There are specially designed endoscopes that are tailored to specific operations. The most common surgical medical specialties where endoscopic surgery is possible are:






Plastic Surgery

Dr. Colin Hong is a Toronto based surgeon who practices plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is the Director of Toronto’s Cosmetic Surgery Centre and is certified by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and The American Board of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery. Dr. Hong is a specialist in endoscopic plastic surgery. Dr. Hong begins his consultation by examining the patient and evaluating the nature of the physical condition that requires plastic surgery. Endoscopic surgery is not always possible in all plastic or cosmetic procedures. If it is a suitable option Dr. Hong will discuss the benefits of endoscopic surgery with the patient as well as the pros and cons of other options so that patients are fully aware of the benefits of the proposed surgery. The costs and recovery times are also discussed.

由于整形手术的重点是去除畸形或改善外观,因此内窥镜整形手术切口更小,疤痕更少,不仅在外观改善方面而且在恢复时间更快和恢复正常公共活动方面具有巨大优势。 。

既然有 减少对身体的伤害, patients who have undergone endoscopic plastic surgery are able to return home sooner than those who have undergone traditional surgery. The actual time will vary depending on the nature of the plastic surgery performed by Dr. Colin Hong. As with any surgery the patients will require rest and possibly medication for a period of time, but here too the duration will be considerably reduced. Normal post-operative hygiene care will need to be taken to prevent infections.

Dr. Colin Hong treats patients from Toronto as well as adjoining areas and his patients have found the benefits of endoscopic plastic surgery to be huge.

Colin Hong博士是获得董事会认证的多伦多整形外科医师,为来自GTA的整容手术患者提供服务,这些患者包括多伦多,北约克,里士满希尔,士嘉堡和密西沙加。





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