FAQ: Botox

The procedure aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, such as wrinkles, associated with aging and in addition, can be used to enhance facial features by plumping or reshaping.

Generally speaking, Botox are safe but there is a small risk that the botlinum toxin may extend beyond the treated area and cause muscle weakness, vision problems, difficulties speaking/swallowing, trouble breathing and loss of bladder control. However, this is extremely rare.

Alternative to Botox can be the use of facial products (tropical creams) and chemical peels that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A surgical procedure can be performed depending on the patient’s needs (face lift, brow lift, forehead lift, etc.).


The injection will be made in the area where the patient desires to reduce the appearance of fine lines or the enhancement of their feature.

Yes, results depend on the patient’s skin elasticity, age, and how often/long the patient has done the procedure.

The effects of Botox could last up to 3-6 months. The longer the patient has done this procedure, the higher the chance that the effects will last longer.

Botox cost $10-$15 per unit, therefore more areas and the larger the area is, the more costly the procedure will be.

No, there should be no visible marking from the injection sites.

The procedure could finish as early as 10 minutes or an hour later, depending on the amount of work that is needs to be done.

There is no need to stay after the procedure. Patients may leave and return to their daily routine after injection.

Patients will experience minimal pain from injection but no further pain after the procedure is finished.

There is no downtime for Botox Injections.

You should arrive at your scheduled procedure time.

The procedure could finish as early as 10 minutes or an hour later, depending on the amount of work that is needs to be done.

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Patients usually come back after 3-6 months to have Botox injections again. The procedure does not produce a lifetime lasting result and maintenance is required to achieve the desired look.

  • 确保护理人员在护理前后洗手
  • Sit on the edge of the table for a few minutes before you stand up to prevent getting dizzy
  • Do not get off of the table without help if you feel weak or dizzy
  • 您发烧高于华氏100.4度
  • 您呼吸急促或胸痛
  • 您会发现手术切口周围发红,肿胀,发热或疼痛加剧
  • 您有持续的僵硬,麻木/刺痛或脸部虚弱
  • 你有无法控制的痛苦
  • 按照医生的指示恢复正常的日常活动