FAQ: Breast Lumpectomy

If you have a breast tumor in your breast that needs to be removed

It will remove the tumor in the breast to stop the cancer cells from spreading to the whole breast and thus avoiding the need for a mastectomy

Nonsurgical options could be chemotherapy and other forms of radiation therapy, however these are usually are in combination with the surgery

There is mastectomy, but this is only when the patient has no other choice

The sooner we are able to identity and remove the tumor, the greater chance you will have in preventing or stopping the spread of the tumor

Patients may do radiation therapy or chemotherapy without the surgery but it may be harder to manage and predict the growth of the tumor

Delaying of the procedure could increase the risk of further spreading of the tumor

The goal of the surgery is to remove all traces of cancer cells currently present in the breast

It can improve your survival by removing the tumor before it gets any larger and starts to spread to other locations

The surgery should help you feel as if you have more control of managing the growth of the tumor by removing it and thus avoiding the chance of the tumor spreading

It is best for you to do so to understand the severity of your condition and to have a better idea of the outcome by taking into account your genetic background

The risks and complications are similar to other aesthetic surgery. They include local such as hypertrophic scar and or keloid, asymmetry, skin ischemia and loss and hematoma this is more common in smoker. The systemic complications include blood clot and PE and other anesthesia risks. In healthy patients in the hands of board certified Plastic Surgeons, the complication rates are in fact not very high.

This surgery is usually performed by a general surgeon

We will learn whether the removal of the tumor will be the only treatment you need in order to be cancer-free or if the cancer will reoccur again and continue to grow

This will depend on the stage and severity of the breast cancer. In more serious cases, you will need to remove more than a couple of lymph nodes

The pathology usually takes about 2 weeks to come back.

This surgery is usually done in conjunction with radiation therapy.

This will depend on the stage and severity of the breast cancer. You can further discuss this with me during consultation

This will depend on the stage and severity of the breast cancer. You can further discuss this with me in more detail during consultation

Breast reconstruction can be done if you experience any asymmetry in both breast. You may either correct this by obtaining fat tissue from a donor site or have implant placement

A small incision is usually made above the nipple, however this will depend on the size of the tumor

Blood transfusions are rare for lumpectomy

You will have increase sensitivity to the operated area, experience itchiness and have some discomfort

The pain is usually mild in the first few days to one to two weeks. Mild narcotic or even plain Tylenol may be enough for average patients.


If there may be a lot of drainage after the procedure, a small drain may be placed until all of the excess fluid is finished draining out.

The scar will be thin but visible where the incision was made to remove the tumor


You can contact me directly at my office and keep in touch with your family doctor for any general questions you may have. Your files will be shared among your care providers with details of how your surgery went

You can usually return to your normal routine within a week but it is advised that you avoid any physically demanding activities and heavy lifting


You can usually return to work within a week. If your job is very physical than it may take a little longer.







  • 我需要有人开车送我回家吗?
  • 安排住院期间可能需要的个人物品
  • 安排某人在家里和工作中承担责任
    Yes, you cannot drive yourself home after facelift.
  • 安排某人带你回家医院
    You will need an adult to drive you home and stay with you 24 hours after surgery
  • 安排一个人在手术后的第一天和你在一起
    You can call my office if you have any other questions
  • 如果您有其他疑问,请致电您的医生
  • 按照医生的建议停止进食和/或饮水
  • 手术前24小时请勿吸烟或饮酒
  • 确保您拥有医生的联系信息
  • 确保您有访客前往医院/办公室的指示

Patients usually wake up 10 minutes after the surgery is completed.




  • 确保已通过姓名和出生日期确认您的身份
  • 确保您的程序已被确认
  • 确保已标出正确的手术部位
  • 确保已标出手术的正确面
  • 确认您可能有的任何过敏和副作用
    Yes. Please also ask any questions if you need them to be clarifying
  • 确保您了解并签署了知情同意书




If there may be a lot of drainage after the procedure, the drain is kept until all of the excess fluid is finished draining out.


This is usually an outpatient procedure and you may leave as soon as you woken up and are ready to go






After 3-7 days into recovery, it is encouraged that you start on stretching and breathing exercises.


Patients can return to their normal routine in a week.



Most of the sutures used are dissolvable and thus are not needed to be removed

  • 确保护理人员在护理前后洗手
  • 不要等到剧烈疼痛才需要止痛药
  • 在医护人员离开房间之前,请确保通话按钮触手可及
  • 站起来之前,请坐在床边几分钟,以免头晕
  • 如果您感到虚弱或头晕,请勿在没有帮助的情况下起床
  • 您发烧高于华氏100.4度
  • 您呼吸急促或胸痛
  • 您会发现手术切口周围发红,肿胀,发热或疼痛加剧
  • 您会注意到切口正在分离,或者切口中已感染了分泌物
  • 您的敷料反复被鲜血浸透
  • 您有您现有的止痛药无法控制的疼痛
  • 遵医嘱服用止痛药和其他药物
  • 服用处方止痛药时请勿开车
  • 手术后十天不要泡澡或游泳
  • 保持切口清洁干燥
  • Wear a soft, comfortable bra for support
  • 只要医生建议,就避免剧烈运动和繁重的举动
  • 按照医生的指示恢复正常的日常活动
  • 按照医生的指示恢复性行为