If you are concern about changes to your abdomen and like to improve the loose skin and fat (panus), stretch marks, and weakness of abdominal muscle after pregnancy or excessive weight gain, abdominoplasty may be an option for you.

It will remove excessive skin and fat at the inferior (lower half) of your abdomen. It will also tighten the abdominal muscle to strengthen the weaken abdominal wall from pregnancy

There are general and local complications from the procedure. The general complication includes anesthesia risks, respiratory and airway risks such as pneumonia, aspiration, blood clots and pulmonary embolus. The local risks include infection, skin necrosis, scar

Weight loss, exercise and some non-invasive procedure such as RF, ultrasound and freezing device. None of these devices can give the procedure result comparable to the abdominoplasty procedure.

Liposuction and mini-abdominoplasty are procedure similar but usually give lesser result.

My usual procedure is a combination of liposuction tissue at the lateral portion of the abdominal incision and the epigastric region. The excessive abdominal panus (fat) is then removed and the abdominal wall muscle is then tightened. The abdominal wall is then closed.

This usually involves the right to the left anterior superior iliac spine over the pubic region.

You can see the surgical result the morning after the surgery. The final result usually takes 6 weeks to 6 months after surgery.

You can see pre and post-operative result in our office.

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Elizabeth Ezpinosa

Amazing experience, Doctor Hong is very confident and good at what he does. Every time I go to him I always get good results that I love and feel safe. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Pat Kia NY Citizen

He has very good skills and also a very professional team.

C Wong

Dr. Hong and his staff are very efficient. Dr. Hong managed to diagnose my genetic disease that's been going on for years, and proposed a reasonable price given my situation. Thank you Dr. Hong. I greatly appreciated your help and will recommend your service to my friends and family

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