How long will my procedure take?

I do not usually use drain after the procedure. However, if there may be a lot of drainage after the procedure, a small drain may be placed.

Make sure your identity has been confirmed with name and date of birth
You will be given a special garment that needs to be wrapped around your bodys. Other than that, it is suggested that patients wear loose and comfortable clothing

Make sure your procedure has been confirmed
Majority of my patients are outpatients. You will be able to leave the hospital when you are ready

Make sure the correct site and side of your procedure has been marked
After 2-3 weeks, patients are able to return back to their normal routine

Confirm any allergies and side-effects you might have
You may drive once you stop taking narcotic pain medication and feel able to drive.

Make sure you understand and have signed the informed consent forms
Most patients return to work around 2-3 weeks after the surgery but if your work requires a lot of sitting, a cushion/pillow is suggested to help reduce any discomfort