You will receive injected pain medication into your abdominal wall during surgery and the evening of your surgery, you will be very comfortable. I usually prescribe Tylenol 3 and Percocet for a few days to a few weeks after surgery depending on your pain tolerance.

If you are concerned with the small bump of soft skin growth on your skin and wish to remove it

This procedure will remove the skin tags present on your skin

The risk/complications for this procedure is minimal since it is simple and quick. Regardless of any procedure, there will always be a risk for infection.

You may choose to undergo other forms of treatments like freezing, burning or tying off

Skin tags are natural and common, it poses no adverse health effects to the individual so it is up to the patient how soon they wish to proceed with this procedure

You can resort to either freezing or tying off or leaving the skin tag the way it is

This will depend on the patient. Factors that may increase the chances of reoccurring skin tags are the weight, age and genetics of the patient

Sometimes, depending on the location but they are usually small and faint

It should not take more than 30 minutes, depending on how many skin tags you wish to remove

This should be discussed during consultation since it is dependent on the location, size, and the amount of skin tags needed to be removed

You should be able to return back to your normal routine right away

Yes, your medication list will be reviewed during your consultation and your preoperative appointments. Please notify your surgeon of any changes or new medications at your preoperative appointment.

You should arrive half an hour before your scheduled procedure

Yes, this can also be found on my website or in my office

  • Arrange for someone to take care of responsibilities at home and work if needed
  • Arrange for someone to take you home from the hospital if needed
  • Call your doctor if you think of other questions
  • Make sure you have the doctor’s contact information and directions to the clinic/hospital

The procedure should not take more than 30 minutes

  • Make sure your identity has been confirmed with name and date of birth
  • Make sure your procedure has been confirmed
  • Make sure the correct site of your procedure has been marked
  • Confirm any allergies and side-effects you might have
  • Make sure you understand and have signed the informed consent forms

I usually talk to you in the recovery room as well as with one to two days after surgery in your postoperative visit to explain how your surgery went.

You may leave the hospital whenever you are ready and have been informed of how your procedure went

Pain is usually not a concern but if you do experience any, you can take Tylenol

Yes, if you choose to undergo a technique that requires the use of sutures

You may remove it after 24 hours

  • Make sure your care providers wash their hands before and after your care
  • Do not wait until your pain is severe before you ask for pain medication
  • Do not get up without help if you feel weak or dizzy
  • You have a fever higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You have shortness of breath or chest pain
  • You notice increased redness, swelling, warmth, or pain around your procedure site
  • You have persistent stiffness, numbness/tingling, or weakness of your affected area
  • The edges of your procedure site are pale or darker than normal
  • Your dressing is repeatedly soaked with blood
  • You have pain that your existing pain medications cannot control
  • Take pain and other medications as prescribed
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on bathing or swimming
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for your procedure site
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on resuming normal daily activities

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Elizabeth Ezpinosa

Amazing experience, Doctor Hong is very confident and good at what he does. Every time I go to him I always get good results that I love and feel safe. Very friendly and helpful staff!

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He has very good skills and also a very professional team.

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Dr. Hong and his staff are very efficient. Dr. Hong managed to diagnose my genetic disease that's been going on for years, and proposed a reasonable price given my situation. Thank you Dr. Hong. I greatly appreciated your help and will recommend your service to my friends and family

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