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What Happens During A Breast Augmentation Consultation?


The primary objective of wanting to undergo the breast enlargement surgery is highly personal for the women. Dr. Hong always supports and guide his patients through the different stages of the surgery. The patient will discuss their primary objective for wanting to have breast augmentation, then the surgeon will run through some analysis and medical check ups. This is to determine whether the patient is fit for breast augmentation. Your medical history will be discussed here to know if you are allergic to any drug or have other health related problems. This will enable the surgeon to provide you with the best option for your surgery.

During the consultation, there is a lot of information that is been disclosed to the patient about the surgery. A good number of minutes to hours can be spent with a patient to discuss the surgical incision options as well as the plants to be used. The surgeon will go over the complications or risks to give you an idea of what your recovery and results could be like. The surgeon will provide pictures of previous patients and possibly video illustration to show you step by step of how the surgery is likely performed. You will also be given the opportunity to watch video testimonials of patients to motivate you.

Also, you can bring along pictures that motivated you to want to have the breast implants and some questions written down to ask your surgeon about themselves. Possible pictures of how you will like your breast to become after the surgery. These questions can be gotten and downloaded to ask your plastic surgeon, in most cases you can add yours. This will enable you to know and trust the expertise of your surgeon in the plastic surgery field better before going ahead with the surgery. Having a one on one interaction with your surgeon is very important as you experience comfort and be at ease coming to terms of your new decision of this surgery. Always know that your surgeon is always willing to help you achieve your dream body goals.

After each section, we will examine your breasts and take into consideration factors such as the size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin and the placement of your nipples. The consultation will provide valuable options for your body goals as to what implants you will require for your surgery. When your surgeon discovers that your breasts sag, they will suggest a breast lift along side with the breast augmentation to give you a proper body fit Some personal factors also play a major role in determining the sites to make incisions. But bear in mind that in general, using large implants puts you at a greater the risk of complications after breast augmentation surgery. When all these are done correctly, by the end of the session your surgeon will have you customized surgical plan ready. This will go a long way in enabling you to understand your custom surgical plan.

We expect you to make the best choice for yourself today and appreciate your body as a woman. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Colin Hong kindly call 416-222-6986.