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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Breast Augmentation?


Being a candidate for breast augmentation is a very personal choice. In other words, women who have all the necessary information and details about a breast augmentation surgery which includes the cost, risks and benefits are the Ideal candidate for this surgery. They are aware of the details of also improving their self-esteem and confidence. Although there is a need to know those who are to be more favourable with regards to the breast augmentation surgery.

Patients who wish to benefit from this cosmetic surgery procedure are those who want it for reasons and so must meet thе fоllоwing сritеriа:


A) Patients who will want to work on the sizes of their breast to improve the appearance and size. Such persons usually have a small breast size and apparently, want to make it bigger and fuller.

B) Women with asymmetrical or uneven breasts are good candidates for breast implant surgery.

C) Women with sagging or drooping breasts after pregnancy as a result of ageing, breastfeeding, pregnancy plus childbirth and weight loss are good candidates. At this stage, they are almost at their balanced weight proportions for this surgery to revive their breasts.

D) Patients who are healthy and want to have a change in their looks can definitely consider this option to shape themselves better.

E) Cancer survivors (Mastectomy) who have maybe lost one or two of their breasts can use breast augmentation to restore their looks once more.

F) Female patients who want to have a new life style and personality can take the chance of this surgery. It really helps as an added advantage in creating a brand new you.


The very first option of becoming a candidate for the breast enlargement surgery is to have a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with high extensive experience of performing breast enlargement surgery. During this consultation, there will be a cross examination of the patient’s breasts, their skin complexion and another medical useful anatomy to help ascertain if you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. The plastic surgeon will also provide you with the option of viewing previous or recent plastic surgery photos from past patients to better modify your expectations.

Other issues to be discussed that will also determine whether you are an ideal candidate include factors such as, the cost of breast augmentation.. Many patients want to go through this process and don’t have the resources, the surgeon can discuss other instalment payment option with our third party financing option. With that, you can know if you can meet up with the payment options or not.

Also, the lifestyle and possible commitments of the patients will enable the patient take some time off from their busy schedules to recuperate themselves properly and stylishly. This also plays a role in determining if you are a right candidate. You can’t be an ideal candidate when you can’t spare some hours for your routine check ups from your busy lifestyle.