Laser Hair & Laser Vein Removal

Toronto Laser Hair & Laser Vein Removal

Laser hair removal in professional studio.

Laser Hair and Vein removal in North York and Mississauga

Laser hair removal and laser vein removal are among the most common non surgical Toronto cosmetic surgeryprocedures. While unwanted body hair and varicose or spider veins are normally not issues that affect a person’s wellbeing, they can nonetheless have a detrimental effect since appearance is a major factor in regard to self-confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery using lasers is fast becoming the most effective way of treating these problems. Both these procedures are among the many specializations of Dr. Colin Hong, a highly respected board certified Toronto plastic surgeon and Director of the city’s Cosmetic Surgery Centre.


The advantages of laser hair removal include:


  • Focused hair removal – a laser can be focused on only the area where hair is to be removed and leaves the skin surrounding it undamaged.
  • Speed – Each pulse of the laser lasts for a fraction of a second and small area like the upper lip can be treated in under a minute. Larger areas like the leg or back will take an hour or so.
  • Permanency – the hair loss is permanent in over 90% of cases treated.


In the case of laser vein removal the benefits are:

  • Precision – The laser can be focused on individual veins and leave the surrounding skin unaffected
  • Comfort – the laser acts quickly to the patient is not subjected to long and painful treatment
  • Lasting removal – once a vein is subjected to laser treatment it disappears for good


Depending on the density and nature of the hair or veins 3 to 5 sittings are normally required to complete the permanent laser hair removal or laser vein removal. Dr. Colin Hong will examine each patient carefully to understand the type and quantum of laser treatment that is required and brief the patient accordingly so that he or she is aware of the nature of the procedure, the number of sittings that may be required, the long term benefits of the laser vein removal or laser hair removal and the expected costs.


There is no appreciable down time for Dr. Colin Hong’s patients after a laser hair removal or laser vein removal sitting.


  • Patients may leave immediately after the procedure is completed
  • Normal activities may be resumed immediately
  • After a laser vein removal or laser hair removal sitting the skin on the treated area may look as if it is sunburned for a day or two after which the redness will disappear. The use of moisturizers and cold compresses will reduce any irritation that may be felt
  • In rare cases there may be some blistering which can be quickly treated with topical medication


Dr. Colin Hong knows that both unwanted hair and visible veins are issues that affect self-esteem and his treatments are focused on using laser hair removal and laser vein removal to provide the maximum benefits to his patients by providing them with quick, effective and lasting solutions to these problems.


In the greater Toronto area, Dr. Hong is regarded as a highly accomplished Toronto nose surgery, ear surgery, brow lift and facelift specialist. He is also instrumental in helping eyelid surgery Toronto patients attain their goal of a more youthful, dynamic facial profile.