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What Questions Should I Ask The Surgeon That Will Perform My Surgery?

When prepared to embark on a breast augmentation surgery, there are some important steps that are necessary to take before the surgery. You have to ensure that you are in safe hands and the surgeon you go to really are board certified in Canada and or USA. Your surgeon should have all the skills and experience to perform the surgery. Surgeons know their work and how best to carry out a surgery but there is still a need to ask them some questions relating to their professionalism, doing this is also a way of gaining confidence from them on your part that you are actually in safe hands.

The following questions are possible questions that you should ask the surgeon who wants to perform the surgery for you. They are:

  1. For how long have you been in this practice as a surgeon?
  2. What medical college did you finish from?
  3. Where were your fellowship training after your studies?
  4. Are you a certified surgeon from any of the Plastic surgery boards? If ‘Yes’ which?
  5. Are you a member of any Medical specialist board?
  6. In your years of practice, have you ever been called to order by the state medical board?
  7. Have you ever fallen a victim to any medical malpractices suits?
  8. Can I take a look at some of your previous before and after pictures of your previous work done?
  9. Do you have any nearby patient that I can ask some few questions about their experience?
  10. As a surgeon, how long have you been conducting a breast augmentation surgery?
  11. On a scale of 10 – 20, how many breast augmentation surgeries do you perform on a regular monthly basis?
  12. Do they have any privileges from any hospital or accredited surgical facility? If yes, which of the hospitals?
  13. Is your surgery center accredited? If yes, which of the organizations accredited it?
  14. Is the surgery center wide and conducive for a quick access to an ambulance?
  15. Is your surgical center efficient enough in handling life-threatening situations?