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Vital Points To Note When Making Breast Augmentation Decisions


Before undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, there are some vital points that will be discussed with your surgeon during consultation. This discussion is important as they have a positive role to play in the results of your breast augmentation surgery. These points include factors to be considered when deciding what implant choices you desire for your surgery such as breast implant size, composition, shape, and placement to create the befitting breast size and shape suitable for your body. During consultations such as this, some before and after photos of previous surgery are more likely to be shared to enable you to have an idea of what to expect after your supposed surgery.


When considering breast implant surgery, there are some important facts to note concerning breast augmentation which includes:

1. This surgery for breast enlargement is not meant to last a lifetime. You might end up having to change one or both implants after some time.


2. This is the surgery that involves inserting some sac-like shell filled with either saline or silicone gel to enhance the volume and appearance of the breast.


3. When considering implant sizes and types for patients, we have to consider their body type, breast anatomy, the elasticity of their skin plus how big the patient want their breasts to become.


4. There are always risks/complications associated with any surgery and breast augmentation is not an exception of such surgery. Hence, Dr Colin Hong will discuss the possible risks/complications with you during your consultation sections. You can also visit our complication list at our learn pages.


Moreover, there are some likely limitations associated with breast augmentation surgery such as:

You must know that breast augmentation surgery is meant to increase the volume of the breasts and not to Lift up the breasts. The breast lift is another surgery that helps to lift up breasts that are sagging to make it refined in appearance. It can also be performed together with breast augmentation in some cases of patients who might need both to get the desired results.

The looks after a breast augmentation surgery vary for different patients according to their body fit. For slim patients’ the implants appear to be more fuller and round than on other patients with different body composure.

Weight gain can also be a limitation to your breast implant result. Before a surgery is performed there is actually a balance in the weight of the patient as their actual weight is known before the surgery. When the patient gains weight afterwards, the breasts will pull downwards and will eventually fall to the sides when they lay down. Breast implants are not designed as anti-gravity objects, hence will not be capacitated in helping to hold the breast in the breast pocket when the patient gains weight.

Also in the case of uneven or asymmetrical breasts limitations also apply here as one breast tend to be bigger than the other as this is clearly visible in most cases. Dr Colin Hong usually tries to make both breasts look identical in appearance even though it might not be 100% identical but the results will be much better than before.