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What are the procedures for breast augmentation?

The procedures for breast augmentation are as follows:

  • Patient is seen preoperatively to discuss their wishes and risks and benefit of the breast augmentation procedure. They will then choose the type and size of implant along with Dr. Hong and his staff.
  • On day of surgery, patient who will be undergoing breast augmentation will be marked preoperatively and pre operative photos will be taken.
  • Patient will be taken to the operating room and usually given a general anaesthesia. Regional anesthesia is possible but it is not the preferred option.
  • There are three known types of incision when it comes to breast augmentation: transaxillary (cut made to put the implant through the armpit), periareolar (cut round the nipple) and inframammary (beneath the breast).
  • Incision is made at the location in inconspicuous areas around the breast region to reduce visible scars to the rarest. The choices of incision is based on the anatomy of the patient, degree of desired breast enlargement, type of breast implants involved and the final decision that comes after the patient and surgeon interaction. The actual location of the incision is made between the patient and the surgeon before commencing the surgery, as the patient will choose the incision that best suits her.
  • The pocket is then created behind the muscle or behind the breast tissue but above the muscle to accommodate the implants. The pocket is then checked for symmetry and hemostasis is ensured. The sizers are then placed followed by actual implants. After successfully placing the implants to augment the breast, the incision is then closed in layers. The wound is then covered with surgical tape.