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What is Lutronic Infini?

LUTRONIC INFINI is the latest solution for aging and with this, now people can reverse time. This device treats the coagulated zones of aging, sagging skin, pigmentations, wrinkles and skin laxity. It has a unique technology which can rejuvenate the skin by reaching different depths to apply a multilayered approach.

INFINI uses radio frequency energy to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. As a reaction, the collagens and other internal structures rebuild tightening the skin and reducing any resulted wrinkling and sagging. LUTRONIC INFINI treats skin using insulated gold coated microneedles that deliver 3-D energy in the form of heat. These needles are able to create multiple coagulation zones within a specific layer of skin. The adjustability of the depth helps the treatment to be carried out in a more targeted and a safe manner. As the skin is heated using the needles, the skin responds to it by shrinking the collagen fibres and by stimulating collagen production. Thereby, the skin volumizes in a 3-D way as a response to the applied 3-D heat therapy.

Normally the treatment takes about 30-45 minutes and the recovery takes about 24-36 hours. There may be redness of the skin after the first few hours of treatment which vanishes with the time. But, rarely, some people report they have an extended redness for few days, which can be an extended reaction to the treatment and nothing serious.

After the treatment, the skin should be handled according to the instructions. The skin should be taken care only with the prescribed creams and use of any makeup is prohibited. Also, the skin shouldn’t be touched with unclean hands or others. But, there are no sun restrictions or work restrictions.

Generally about 3-4 sessions of treatment are carried out, while some are happy even just after one. That normally depends on the skin which is treated. Younger patients can have fewer sessions while older patients will require more.

The major indications for an INFINI treatment are; skin tightening, acne, wrinkles, excessive sebum, enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons chose INFINI treatment because of its high efficacy, precise energy delivery, low cost and the safety for all skin types.

While LUTRONIC INFINI can be the best treatment to aging, it has become the most favourite as it treats all types of skin and even after skin tanning. Therefore, this could be the treatment which the world was looking for!


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