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Lutronic spectra uses YAG laser and has four distinct Q-switched mode wavelengths – 1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm to treat various skin conditions that could be cosmetically displeasing to the individual. It penetrates to the dermal layer of the skin and can remove most types of pigmentation under the skin. Therefore, depending on the desired results and the form of treatment used to treat the specific skin condition, the strength of the energy will vary.

Firstly, a carbon lotion is applied onto the skin so that the laser could penetrate the skin at a deeper layer. The laser is then applied onto the surface of the skin on the targeted area and emits pulsating energy beams (acoustic vibration). The heat and vibration from the laser decomposes the large portion of pigmentation (melanin) under the skin and thus leaving smaller fragments of pigmentation (melanin) that the body will naturally absorb and dispose of.

The laser can be used to treat the following skin conditions:


Epidermal nevi

Tattoo removal

Acne scars

Non-ablative resurfacing

Pigmented and vascular lesions

The benefits of using this treatment are it does not produce any flakiness or redness on the skin after the treatment since it targets deeply into the skin. Patient experiences no pain or downtime.

Time: 10-15 minutes per. treatment

Treatments: Weekly (Total of 5-10 treatments)

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