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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost In Toronto, Canada?


The breast augmentation surgery cost is usually broken down and given to the patient during their consultations. This is because during patient consultations there is a detailed amount of information that is provided to the patient about the surgery. A price list is often provided by the surgeons to enable the patients to pick their best affordable options. When considering the option of breast augmentation,, the surgeons know you have made up your mind to improve your self-esteem and are willing to help you manage your resources so you don’t experience hardship financially when done. The pricing varies for breast augmentation depending on the clinic, surgeon, the technique to be used and the patient’s financial abilities. Usually, the cost for breast enlargement surgery is $7,000 to $8,500 including taxes depending on what implants as silicone is more expensive than saline plus some other expenses. The following are included in the cost of getting an augmentation mammoplasty:


  1. Qualifications of the surgeon: This is one main reason why the cost of breast augmentation varies for different clinics. The fees for every surgeon varies based on their educational background and qualifications in the field. Being ranked higher as a cosmetic surgeon, it means that you have lots of experience and have performed countless surgeries successfully.
  2. The anesthesia you want to use: For the surgery, the use of general anesthesia is more expensive than using the local sedation anaesthesia as it costs $1,000 different from other expenses.
  3. The type of Implants: This is an important option to discuss with your surgeon as silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants.
  4. Skillful surgical assistants to aid the surgery process.
  5. The accredited clinic operating facilities (room precisely) where the patient will receive the breast implant surgery.
  6. The tools and surgical equipment to be used for the process.
  7. First-time breast augmentation surgeries costs are usually on the average compared to when you are having a secondary option due to poorly performed breast augmentation surgery from another surgeon. The cost will be more than the primary option.
  8. Treatment of scars: Getting rid of scars is usually another process of counting the cost. Actually, scars do take time to heal and there are special options provided by surgeons to speed up the healing process. These options vary for different surgeons based on their experience and expertise.Scar treatment used by the different surgeon can increase the cost depending on what option your surgeon recommends.
  9. Postoperative surgical care is also one thing that is counted amongst the cost of breast augmentation.. This option includes post operative massage and ultrasound to ease the pain and aid recovery process amongst others. Most times if you have no one to help you, we provide a practicing registered nurse to give you assistance until you are strong enough.
  10. Having to perform breast augmentation with other cosmetic surgeries such as breast lift can increase pricing.