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Myths and Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation


There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about Breast Augmentation and here’s a list of the most common ones:

  1. Once you undergo a breast augmentation surgery, everyone around will notice you have implants on. This is not TRUE, the ones that are that visible are those ones that request very large sizes of implants. 90% of women with breast implants look very natural and you won’t even know they have implants on them until they open up to you.

  2. Women undergo breast augmentation surgeries just to attract men to get their attention. NO! That is not the objectives of most women. They undergo this procedure to enhance their beauty to make themselves look better, enhance their femininity and have confidence in their looks.

  3. Breast augmentation surgery is the MOST painful surgery ever and pain doesn’t stop until healed. This is incorrect. As a matter of fact, the pain factor for this surgery depends solely on the kind of technique that was used. In this case, you should choose a surgeon that wouldn’t use a blunt technique on you but rather a sharp and a gentle technique. Moreover, pain doesn’t last for months plus its controlled with pain killers following surgery and recovery periods.

  4. Breast augmentation surgery exposes you to the deadly cancer disease as the implants content might stimulate lobules stopping proper milk circulation. FALSE! The implants are placed where they do not affect the mammary glands nor stop the normal functioning of the breasts and do not show any close relationship with cancers. This misconception is very wrong, implants do not cause breast cancers rather they are used in restoration in cancer cases.

  5. Having implants on gives you inaccurate reports about your breast when having a mammogram. This is also incorrect If you tell the technician you have implants on, the technician can easily see through the breasts with the knowledge of implants in you. As a matter of fact, the best mammograms results are the ones that have implants compared to natural breasts.

  6. You will permanently lose sensation in your breasts after undergoing a breast implant surgery. This is also false, the sensation is not permanent unless there are possible complications after the surgery. This is why it is best to choose a practising cosmetic plastic surgeon who regularly performs this surgery and has plenty of experience in doing it.

  7. ALL Plastic surgeons can perform a breast augmentation. True, but not all plastic surgeons can do the breast augmentation surgery well to yield your expected results in the end.

  8. The breast implant procedure will leave a big scar as the size of the implants that were put in your chest leaving you with an ugly breast when you take off your bra. This is a ridiculous misconception ever heard of. There are different incisions made and none of them leaves a scar as big as the size of the implants. The breast implants scars fade off with time and even when they are there they don’t give ugly looks to disarray the beauty of the breast.

  9. Every now and then, women with breast implants frequently undergo surgeries to change them as they always burst. Both implants have their different life span. Saline implants roughly take 15 years and above before they rupture and then the replacement comes in place. Silicone gel implants take 20 – 30 years before they might rupture but it’s not even compulsory to get them replaced as you can choose to stay without them if you want.

  10. If you have done breast augmentation surgery, you can never be able to breastfeed again having those implants in you as no milk can come out. This is incorrect because the implants are normally placed in such a way that it don’t affect your milk glands and you can breastfeed. The implants doesn’t stop your breast from performing its normal functions of which the primary function is breastfeeding.


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