Patient Stories

Patient Stories

I am really happy with the work Dr. Hong has done on my eyelid. I had droopy eyelids and was seeking solution,I had an idea in mind and am very grateful that Dr. Hong took his time during initial consultation fully explained that my idea is only for short term as my skin type will not support such fix for more than five years. I did further research and communicated with Dr. Hong. He asked very detailed questions, and informed me on the pre, during and after surgery care. It has been now a month since my surgery, and I am very thankful that I went to Dr. Hong as his experience, skills and genuine care for his patients make him a true stand-out in this field.

I came to Dr. Hong referred to by my original Plastic Surgeon who is now retired and who did my initial Breast Augmentation in 1994 which deflated twice during this time. Dr. Hong came highly recommended both for his knowledge and experience. Dr. Hong and his staff met with me and went over my options and decided that I should go with cohesive gel implants instead of saline this time and I am glad he did. They made themselves available 24/7 to answer any concerns I had. The day of surgery, I was made to feel so relaxed by the surgical nurse. Dr. Hong also removed some capsular contracture from the pervious implants during the replacement surgery and now my breast are soft again. My breast now look so much better and natural than before and I can’t be more pleased. It’s only been two days and I have no pain and healing well. Dr. Hong and his staff provided excellent and compassionate care to me pre and post op. It is rare these days to find doctors who care in such detail for their patients. Thank you!

I am very satisfied with the work of Dr. Hong and his staff. I have been with his Clinic for many years. I would not be there again and again for further improvement, if I was not satisfied with the results of his work. What I like about his work: 1. Flexible schedule. You can arrange appointment in the evenings, on Saturday. 2. Knowledge and experience. Look at the iconostasis of his licenses and certificates! Pretty impressive! 3. He is generous and compassionate. I know that each year Dr. Hong goes abroad to the poor countries to perform corrective surgeries for free. How many Good Samaritans like that do you know? 4. He can take a risk to help you. He corrected my disfigured ears, after 5 other surgeons had kicked me out. 5. Good results. Dr. Hong does not advertise his work in the magazines or newspapers. But people know his clinic, because grateful patients share his name with friends.

Dr.Hong reattached my badly severed nose with incredible skill. Another doctor in emergency told me that it was a horrible cut and he could do nothing for me, but now only a light scar remains and my nose is back to normal. This doctor has golden hands!

Dr. Hong has been nothing but gracious and accommodating in assisting relieve my medical condition – De Quervain tenosynovitis. After being diagnosed at the beginning of the year, I found my family doctor and the medical community extremely inadequate. Initially, I was told that I’d be put on a waiting list 6-7 weeks to see a hand surgeon. My family doctor mentioned that they faxed my information to the surgeon, and it would only be a matter of time. Honestly – who uses a fax machine in the is age and age? After 2 and half months of waiting, I started calling private clinics. Since finding Dr. Hong, I’ve received 4 cortizone shots into my wrist, the wrist is getting better and I’m not sure what I would have done if I didn’t find him. The wait times in the office are long, but that shows you the quality of his work, the trust his patient have in him. God Bless you Dr!

Dr. Colin Hong is an amazing doctor! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for his exceptional care and kindness. I found Dr. Hong 10 years ago for a “tummy tuck” and received many positive compliments from friends and family as a result. Since then I see Dr. Hong for Botox and fillers. Dr. Colin Hong is an honest doctor with integrity. Over the years Dr. Hong suggested different options that would allow me to save money and it worked. We are blessed to have such an incredible caring and remarkable doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Colin Hong and his staff. The nurses are kind and knowledge and of course Georgia is as helpful as anyone can be! I will never go to another doctors. THANK YOU DR. HONG AND STAFF

I had an upper eyelid surgery done with Dr. Hong and his team. Dr. Hong and his nurse was very knowledgeable and patient. They were excellent with taking care of all my concerns. The wait was long but well worth it. The follow up appointments shows that they truly care about their work. I did not feel any high pressure sales tactics and felt very comfortable in Dr. Hong and his staff’s care. Excellent job by Dr. Hong and his team

I had blepharoplasty and face lift surgery done with Dr. Hong and I am very happy with the results. He really has a passion for his job and tries to do the best for his patients. His staff is very polite and effective sharing Dr. Hong’s love to service the patients. Dr. Hong works quite extensively and as a result accumulated huge experience in the plastic surgery area. Also taking into account quite reasonable price for combined blepharoplasty and face lift (8500) I would definitely recommend this doctor for everyone who needs cosmetic surgery!

I’m extremely picky and high maintenance. I did a lot of research because choosing a right plastic surgeon was an extremely difficult decision for me. I met Dr. Colin Hong and was immediately impressed. He is thorough, informative, and well educated. He is also pleasant, warm, kind, compassionate, and patient. Dr. Hong’s conservative advice is another reason why I chose him. He told me that I didn’t need this procedure. There was no pressure whatsoever. I ended did 2 sugeries: breast augmentation and eye lid instead of 1 surgery as planned. The surgery turned out exactly how I wanted! I’m utterly shocked and it’s only going to get BETTER!!! I trusted him and I do not regret it. Colin Hong’s clinic is a place where I feel comfortable enough to let down my guard and I don’t say that lightly. There’s no way on earth that I would have ever followed through with this procedure, despite how much I wanted it, if I hadn’t felt comfortable. HE IS AMAZING AND THE BEST AMONGS ALL!

After hearing and seeing successful results of my sisters, I consulted Dr. Hong for a facelift. From the first visit, he immediately put me at ease. He offered many different options for me. It’s not just anyone that you can trust your face with!! All in all, Dr. Hong and his staff were exceptional in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any cosmetic procedure.

I was referred to Dr. Colin Hong after two of my sisters had successful surgeries and procedures done and both were extremely pleased with their results. I was most impressed with his experience and expertise within the Asian community and as an Asian woman I am extremely pleased with the results of my eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. He also did a spectacular job on my breast augmentation. The high praise he received is further echoed by me. He is a consummate professional who genuinely cares for his patients and wants every experience to be a positive one. I was so pleased with my overall experience that I chose to use him for Botox and Restylane, which I had previously done with another doctor. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Colin Hong in the future.

Dr. Colin Hong is an amazing doctor! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for his exceptional care and kindness. I found Dr. Hong through other friend’s recommendation and praise of his work. I had my upper eyelid done by him and received many positive compliments from friends and family as a result. His talented surgery skills is greatly effective in allowing our inner beauty shine outwards. His wonderful personality is well-known amongst our community. Dr. Colin Hong is an honest doctor with integrity. I had consulted him for a couple of procedures for my face, and he told me that I don’t need it, and there was no need to spend money. Since I insisted, he suggested different options that would allow me to save money and it worked. We are blessed to have such an incredible caring and remarkable doctor. My follow-up visits and other beauty consultations with Dr. Hong have continued to be just as rewarding and satisfying. I highly recommend Dr. Colin Hong.

Dr. Colin Hong is the best amongst the best plastic surgeons that I know of. Dr. Hong had done a breast augmentation for me as well as an eyelid surgery for my sister. We were both extremely happy with his work. As a result, we have recommended his services to several of our friends; again, they were all happy with him. Thanks to Dr. Colin Hong because he has given us (women) the things that we want most: self-esteem and confidence through beauty. This is all due to his skills and extensive experiences. His positive traits include but are not limited to the amount of care and kindness he places on his clients which far outshine his skills, which are needed most in a doctor. I would highly recommend him.

I initially met Dr.Hong and staff back early 2012 for a corrective procedure (upper eyelid), performed by another surgeon in NYC. Dr.Hong not only corrected the inadequate work (asymmetry), but he, along with staff, treated me with compassionate and professional care, at a fraction of the cost I had initially paid. Since, I have gone to Dr.Hong, and will continue to do so for any required care, cosmetic or skin maintenance. The trust, respect, support and patience that is extended to me prior, during and post surgery/treatment is extraordinary. He is knowledgeable and experienced (+20 years) in dealing with cosmetic enhancement and correction of all races, being ethnically diverse and as such delivers and commits to ensuring maximal results, with his focus on patient happiness and satisfaction. I am thankful for having met him; had I years back, I would have never considered any other physician.

I have been Dr. Hong’s patient on two occasions over 3 years. The first was for a surgical procedure that had not been done correctly by a previous plastic surgeon. The second time was for a chronic skin condition with laser therapy. I was extremely pleased with results from both procedures. The previous surgeon had discounted my concerns and had not provided me with any revision after a partially successful surgery. Dr. Hong not only fixed the previous surgeon’s sloppy work, he also demonstrated a caring approach to my situation. Dr. Hong’s surgery price was extremely reasonable, and there weren’t any extra charges for the follow up treatments post-op. On the second occasion, Dr. Hong provided me with a definitive treatment for a skin condition that my family MD, an allergist, and two dermatologists had misdiagnosed and not provided any treatment options. I was impressed that he knew exactly how to cure a condition that other MD specialists had no idea how to treat. Thank you.

I had surgery earlier this year and would like to say that I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with the results!! The doctor and staff were very conscientious in following up afterwards with appointments and notifying me of home procedures to ensure proper healing. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hong in my appointments. What an AMAZING INDIVIDUAL! Not only is he a great doctor, he is an outstanding humanitarian. ..taking a month off to go to less fortunate parts of the world and do work. Also, sharing his knowledge/expertise with students so they can follow in his footsteps. You can truly tell that he loves doing what he does…turning a ‘procedure’ into ‘art’! The waiting room can get busy at times…but hey, the man is that in demand! Dr. Colin Hong is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED here!!


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