Pec Implants For Men

Pec Implants for Men – Dr. Colin Hong

Pec Implants for Men in Toronto, North York, Oakville and Scarborough

It is not highly advertised or expressed that men are just as concerned of their physical appearance as women. Even with proper dieting and exercising, it may not always yield desired results. It could be either genetics, other biological or personal factors that could be holding individuals back from achieving their dream look. This could raise frustration and lower self esteem in individual to the point in which could negatively impact important areas of their life.

Nevertheless, It is normal and a growing trend for more men to seek out plastic surgery to improve their psychological and physiological state.

Pec implants aim to give men a fuller and more muscle-like definition by bringing the pec major muscle forward, thus attaining a more ideal bodybuilding look. Dr. Colin Hong, a noted Toronto plastic surgeon, will adhere to the needs of the patient by using his expertise to create the most ideal pec size and shape suitable for the patient’s body.

What happens during the surgery?

During the 1-2 hour surgery, the silicon based implant is inserted in the incision made at the armpit extending slightly on the lateral portion of the chest wall. This will help minimize the chances of a noticeable scar. A pocket is then created under the pectorialis major muscle.

The implant is to be placed under the pectoralis major muscle then the incision is sutured after successful placement.


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