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What Are The Procedures For Breast Augmentation?


It is indeed true that breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. For breast enlargement surgery, just as it is with other cosmetic surgeries and their procedures so also is breast augmentation. Breast enlargement surgery is carried out in an outpatient facility under general anesthesia. Our surgery is carried out in Dr. Hong’s private accredited facility at 302 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto. The following procedures are involved in breast augmentation.


First, During the consultation, implants sizes and types will be discussed by the surgeon to enable you to know the one that is best for you. Pictures and videos on how the procedure will go on will be shown to the patients. During this process, the types of incisions that are used selectively for breast augmentation will be discussed.
There are also different incisions that are normally used for this surgery depending on the surgeon best option for the patient after consultation. There are 4 main incision options which will be presented by the surgeon to the patient. They are the Inframammary Incision cut slightly above where the breast and rib cage usually meet. The Periareolar Incision is usually made near the brownish skin that surrounds your nipple. The transaxillary incision is made in the armpit region while the transumbilical incision or TUBA is made in regions such as belly button and navel. The purpose of this incision is to create a new breast pocket to put the implants. Dr. Hong usually uses the No touch technique (Keller Funnel Technique) which involves not having any physical touch with the implants when they are been slide into the breasts. This is very helpful in the reduction of infections after the surgery. After the implants are been added, the incisions are then covered in layers and the wound is then covered with surgical tape. Each of these incision techniques has their special advantages as well as disadvantages all of which are explained in details during the consultation.


The breast augmentation surgery is usually done within a short amount of time. Before the surgery, the breasts usually look uneven until they are marked accordingly following the desired incisions for the implants. After the placement of the implants, the breasts will look fuller, balanced in proportions and enlarged. This result is seen immediately after the surgery as the breasts sizes are increased.


There are some prescriptions from the surgeon to help you recover faster which includes the use of compression garments and other postoperative care measures from your surgeon. The patient will be placed in the recovery room and observed after 2 – 4 hours of operation before they will be discharged. Meanwhile, the patient is aware of what to do and also what to avoid in order to facilitate their healing process. When a breast augmentation procedure is carried it, the patient is completely asleep and unaware of the entire process because of the administration of the anesthesia. You will only wake up to feel the after the pain of the surgery when the implants have been put up.