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Saline Vs. Silicone Breast Implants For Breast Enlargement


When you have made up your mind about having a breast augmentation surgery, the next thing that comes up on your mind is which implants are preferable. This brings us to the kind of implants that are used during breast augmentation surgery. We have the Saline and the Silicone gel sterile implants.


Saline Breast Implants

These implants are made of sterile salt intravenous liquid. They are less expensive in cost and usually require small incisions when they are to be placed during the surgery. They may not have as soft in feel as the gel implant.

Silicone (Cohesive Gel) Breast Implants

These implants as the name implies contains silicone gel. They are more expensive, durable and requires little wide incisions for placements during the surgery. When used, they look more natural and feel natural as well when touched. This implant is the most considered as the risk of rupture and deflation is very low compared to the saline implants.


The implant choices have a major role to play in the results of the breast enlargement surgery with their different advantages.

Below are some unique characteristics of using the implants as clearly listed.

Characteristics Of ImplantsSaline Sterile Breast ImplantsSilicone (Cohesive Gel) Sterile Breast Implants
Possible average implant lifespan10 – 15 years10 – 20 years or more
CostLess ExpensiveSlightly more expensive than the saline implants
Natural look and feelSucculent, but doesn’t feel like a skinSucculent & feels like the skin (natural breast)
Length of incisionSmall incisions (about 3cm)larger incisions (about 5cm)
Rupturing capacityhigher, mostly in slim patientsVery low, best suitable for slim patients
Implant rupture detection visibilityObvious & easy to detect ruptureDifficult to ascertain if ruptured
Ill Effects to the body when rupturedNoneNone
Replacement ExpensesCovered by manufacturer’s warrantyCovered by manufacturer’s warranty
FDA & Health Canada ApprovedYesYes


Before implants are used, the surgeon informs the patient of the rupturing risks that are involved in using either of the implants for the breast enlargement surgery. This is done to educate them and prepare them in the future for possible replacement after rupture. The ability of implants to rupture is roughly estimated to be 1% per year. Most patients are quite lucky as their implants tend to last up to 20 -25 years.

During breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Hong ensures that he does a thorough assessment and evaluation to provide you with the best options to aid your breast augmentation process. Dr. Hong knows about both implants and their unique properties and is more than happy to use either one of them that is conducive for your surgery. The ultimate goal of each implant is to make the breast fuller and bring out the shape of the patient’s body. The implant choices depend also on what you can afford to get your results still. Feel free to discuss your options with Dr. Colin Hong during your consultation sections.