What Is Thermi?

THERMI is one of the USA’s leading developing and a manufacturing company that after vigorous research and multiple clinical trials produces many medical devices that use heat as their main method of treatment. This company was founded by Paul Herchman and Kevin O’Brien in 1989 and today, these thermistor regulated medical devices of this company are widely used in plastic surgery and dermatology, to realize the dreams of many clients who want to keep looking younger and live healthier.

As THERMI products focus on the aesthetic application of using heat as the main approach, the devices use heat to reduce cellulites, rejuvenate skin, reduce sweating, reduce the wrinkles and tightening of the skin and even vagina, after childbirth. THERMI does not mean a single device or a single application, but it is explained as a group of different types of treatments and even wider application in the medical field.

The treatments carried out are minimally invasive and sometimes require a local anaesthetic. But, the effectivity of the treatments using THERMI devices is considered to be higher than of the other radio-frequency devices. Some THERMI devices heat up the area targeted using a cannula that is inserted into the skin that emits heat in order to carry out the treatment.

THERMI devices can use different levels of energy and heat according to the targeted body tissues that will be treated. Higher temperatures are used to disable nerves while the lower to moderate temperatures are used to treat skin and fatty tissues.

There are several types of THERMI treatments:

THERMItight is a treatment that tightens the skin by the use of a ThermiRF system. Radiofrequency energy heats up the sub-dermal fats and washes them away. As there is no recovery time needed, this has become a perfect treatment choice for the busy clients who do not want more invasive procedures that take longer recovery time.

THERMIrase is a treatment that is used to disable the nerves of the muscles that forms the frown lines. This is a micro-invasive procedure which can be effective up to one year.It is a good alternative for clients who do not want or like neurotoxins treatment.

THERMIdry is what you are looking for if excessive sweat is the main problem which you want to get rid of. This method of treatment can be an alternative to Botox injections and the doctors say that the suppression of the sweat glands may last longer. Dr Colin Hong clients have been happy with the results.

THERMIdry is what you are looking for if excessive sweat is the main problem which you want to get rid of. This method of treatment can be an alternative to Botox injections and the doctors say that the suppression of the sweat glands may last longer.

DrTHERMIsmooth is performed using a specialized hand piece that heats up to 45C and is almost like a warm massage. This is not an invasive treatment but is a therapeutic procedure in which the handpiece will move circularly heating the skin and as a result of an effective series of treatment the wrinkles and fine lines of the face and the body will be vanished.Colin Hong clients have been happy with the results.

THERMIva is performed to restore the tightness and the laxity of the vagina in elderly women or women after childbirth. Also, this treatment has been able to improve urinary incontinence and orgasmic problems.
Dr Colin Hong THERMI treatments have always been reliable, affordable and also have been able to show a higher effectivity throughout a long duration.

What is THERMIsmooth Body?

THERMIsmooth body can be the most promising latest treatment method for a youthful body and a skin. This treatment is carried out targeting the areas of the body where there are cellulites and loosening of the skin. THERMIsmooth can reduce cellulites of the body starting from eyes to the thighs, only with a series of treatment of up to 6-8 weeks.

This is a body rejuvenating noninvasive therapeutic procedure that uses heat as the main method of sweeping away the subdermal fat, stimulating the collagen remodelling and tightening the skin.

The device that is used for this treatment is named as Thermi250 and it uses radio frequency technology, to heat up the skin of the targeted area. Thermi250 has a smart sensor that detects the skin temperature and energy emission. The automatic temperature control in this device ensures the safety and effectivity of the therapy.

THERMIsmooth treatment is really comfortable and it feels like having a massage. When the targeted areas of skin are heated up to 40-45C, the collagens of the skin shrinks. The shrinking of the collagens restructures the skin to be tighter, smoother and less wrinkled. Also, as a response to heat the skin start producing more collagen, that was lacking in an aging skin. Then, with the time as several treatments are carried out, the result of the treatment becomes more and more visible. Two treatment sessions are planned with a gap of 2-4 weeks as collagen production requires time.

Depending on the area treated and the quality of skin, the duration of a single treatment session can vary. Anyhow, the average duration of the treatment is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is a very quick procedure and does not need any special preparation. Amazingly, it does not require a recovery time, and therefore, you can immediately return back to your daily activities. Hence, many Dr Colin Hong’s clients say that THERMIsmooth fits well with their busy lifestyle.

Just after the treatment has been carried out, you may see a small reddening in the areas that were treated. This is a normal reaction of the body to the applied temperature and it will vanish within several hours. Even though some say they see a difference after their first treatment, we believe that after several treatments, the patients are able to see a very prominent change.

What is THERMIsmooth Face?

The youthfulness of the skin and its volume is provided by collagen. When people get older, the collagen production reduces with the age. That is the reason for the loose, less elastic skin and the appearance of wrinkles. But, thanks to THERMIsmooth, now clients can restore their beauty by a simple therapeutic procedure which needs to be repeated only 3-6 times. This is a noninvasive dermal remodelling treatment that uses radiofrequency energy and heat, to stimulate collagen remodelling.

THERMIsmooth can be used on multiple zones of their face. They can include forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck where the skin loosening easily takes place. This method uses a special hand-piece which delivers heat to the targeted location. The heat provided is above 40 C and at this temperature collagens shrink and reform, which result in tightened and youthful skin.

Even though there are many treatments to tighten the skin, THERMIsmooth is one of the best devices that use skin lifting system to enhance the smoothness of the skin. The smart technology in the device automatically adjusts the temperature according to the targeted location ensuring safety and effectivity of the treatment.

Anyone who needs a fat loss and skin tightening of the face can be a candidate for THERMIsmooth treatment. But, the number of treatments depends on the patient’s skin and the desired result. No special preparation is required and also there is no need of any anaesthetics. During the treatment, a small amount of gel will be applied to the area of treatment and a single small area will be treated for about 5 minutes. The specialized hand piece will circularly move on the skin as if it is giving a light massage. Of course, the effect of the treatment will not appear immediately and will require a few months. Normally, patients see the result of the treatment after about 3-6 months.

THERMIsmooth treatment is carried out using the Thermi250 device that has multiple features and can precisely heat up the skin so that the collagen gets stimulated and remodelled. This is a FDA approved device and is used mainly to treat loosened skin and wrinkles.

THERMIsmooth does not require any downtime and therefore, once the treatment is over, the patients can return back to their work immediately. The only thing which can be seen is a small redness of the skin as if you had a massage and that will also disappear after few hours.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a special procedure designed to regain what the women lost during childbirth and due to natural aging process. This is a non-surgical and a painless procedure designed to treat the women who want to restore their normal life that they had before. The introduction of ThermiVa shed light for the women who were in need of the treatment but do not want to achieve this by a surgery.

In order to understand the procedure, you need to know what ThermiVa is. It is a procedure, which uses radiofrequency to heat the tissues of the desired locations of the vagina and helps in the rejuvenation of the collagen of that particular area. The highlight of this process is that the procedure does not cause any form of discomfort or this does not require any time to restore from the procedure.

This procedure is best suitable for:

Anyone who is interested in ThermiVa is a procedure, which can be done on internal or external areas of the vagina. It is safe to use and the procedure does not involve many confusing steps. This procedure involves a‘s’ shaped handpiece which is what inserted into the vagina. The temperature of the tissues is controlled through the monitor. In addition, this procedure does not cost you several hours and in general, this process last for 30 minutes and a person who undergoes this procedure can resume to their day-to-day life immediately after the procedure.

Moreover, ThermiVa is scheduled for one month apart for 3 months duration. Most of the testimonies from the women, who had this treatment stated that they have received satisfactory results even after one or two sessions of ThermiVa. This shows the amazing work of ThermiVa and this procedure can last for a year or for a period minimum of 9 months. The maintenance treatment can be done once or twice a year following the initial procedure and the requirement of the maintenance treatment solely depends on the individual.not mentioned above

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