Why do I need this surgery?

What will this surgery do?

What are the risks of this surgery?

Are there any other surgical options?

Can I see different options for the possible results of my surgery?

Can I see before and after pictures of your previous work?

Where and how big will my incision be?

Do you think I will need a blood transfusion during my surgery?

What can I expect after my surgery?

Will this surgery affect my ability to breathe?

Will I have bandages or a splint on my nose and for how long?

How long will it take for my nose to recover so that I can see its final shape?

How long will any swelling in my face last?

What are the chances that I will need another nose surgery after this one?

What can I expect my pain to be like?

What are my options for pain medications after surgery?

Will I have any tubes or drains put in during surgery and for how long?

What will my scar look like?

How long will I be in the hospital after my surgery?

How long will it be before I can get back to my normal routine?

How long will it be until I can drive again?

How long will it be until I can go back to work?

What kinds of anesthesia can I have for this procedure?

Do I need to see an anesthesiologist before my surgery?

Can you review my medication list with me?

What tests do I need to do before surgery?

When should I stop eating and drinking before surgery?

What time should I arrive for my surgery?

Can I get directions and contact information for your clinic/hospital?

Will I need someone to drive me home from the hospital?

Preparing for surgery

How long will it be until I wake up?

When will my visitors be able to see me?

Do I need any medication to prevent blood clots?

Do I need any antibiotics to prevent infections?

On the day of the surgery

How did my procedure go?

When will we stop the preventative antibiotics started before surgery?

When can we restart my usual prescription medications?

When can I have my drains and tubes removed?

When can I eat or drink?

How much longer do you think I need to stay in the hospital?

What needs to happen before I can be discharged?

How are we going to manage my pain?

Have we arranged for my prescriptions to be filled?

Are there any medications that I need to avoid?

How do I take care of my nose?

How can I help reduce any discomfort and swelling in my face?

When do I need to come back for a follow-up appointment?

When will my bandages and splints be removed?

What can my activity level be when I get home?

When can I resume exercise and contact sports?

When can I resume sexual activity?

When can I go back to work?

When can I drive again?

After the procedure

Call the doctor if…

Post-operative care/instructions

After the procedure

Call the doctor if…

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Our Testimonials

Elizabeth Ezpinosa

Amazing experience, Doctor Hong is very confident and good at what he does. Every time I go to him I always get good results that I love and feel safe. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Pat Kia

He has very good skills and also a very professional team.

C Wong

Dr. Hong and his staff are very efficient. Dr. Hong managed to diagnose my genetic disease that's been going on for years, and proposed a reasonable price given my situation. Thank you Dr. Hong. I greatly appreciated your help and will recommend your service to my friends and family

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