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Oxygeneo facial is a non-invasive procedure that follows a three step process that enhances the skin and attempts to reverse aging effects. The first step removes dead skin cells on the surface of the outer layer of the skin, which acts as a type of exfoliant similar to a microdermabrasion. The main purpose of removing dead skin cells is to catalyze and promote the growth of newer and healthier skin. Additionally, the stripping of the outer layer of the skin minimizes the appearance of damaged and aged skin caused by environmental stressors, such as the sun and toxins. The second step involves the exposure and nourishing of the skin with a mixture of active ingredients that all aim to promote skin rejuvenation and improve the texture/colouration of the skin. The final step of the procedure uses carbon dioxide bubbles to further induce the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin, which maximizes the absorption of the active ingredients in step two to infuse into the skin. The combination of these steps allows for skin rejuvenation to occur.

The procedure uses a vibrating device that is connected to a machine that is maneuvered across the face by the trained technician/nurse. The individual will experience slight pressure on the surface of their skin. Initially, a gel is applied before the procedure and is massaged by the hand-held device connected to the machine and then by the hands. Overall, each session of the procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete for each session. Afterwards, the patient will have a slight glow to their face and full results usually take up to a week to become noticeable. If patients wish to maintain the texture and complexion of their skin, it is recommended that the patient goes through a series of several sessions for optimal results.


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