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The female body is a complex and delicate organism and while it is strong and durable, it is subject to a variety of medical conditions. Vaginal problems are fairly common and cosmetic surgery offers a solution to many of these conditions. Vaginoplasty refers to a surgical procedure to tighten and support the vagina and supporting muscles and structures. There are three main reasons for this procedure to be performed:

  • To correct common issues with advancing age or after childbirth.
  • To tighten the vaginal walls to improve sexual function.
  • To improve appearance.

The procedure aims to modify the stretched muscle of the vagina caused by any of the reasons listed above. The muscle at the back of the vagina is reduced and jointly stitched together. Further procedure to remove stitches are not require since the stitches used are dissolvable and scarring is not visible since it resides on the inside. Patients are also sedated during the procedure. Procedure usually lasts around an hour and could require an overnight stay at the hospital.

Dr. Colin Hong is a board certified who is known for his dedication to his patients and for providing them with the optimum surgical solutions to their problems. Dr. Hong begins with a detailed examination of his patients taking care to discuss the reasons why a patient may want this surgical procedure undertaken – whether it is medical, cosmetic or a combination of the two and an assessment of the emotional state of the patient. The consultation will then go into the various options available, the nature of the procedures, the recovery period and possible problems and the cost factors. Dr. Hong will inform the patients about:

  • The extent of the surgery involved in vaginoplasty.
  • The type of anesthesia that will be used.
  • The duration of the operation.
  • The necessary recovery period.
  • And post-operative care.

Following the correct post vaginoplasty recovery regimen is critical to ensuring the success of the plastic surgery. Dr. Colin Hong devotes a great deal of time to informing his patients of what they need to do to expedite their recovery and optimize the results of the procedure which includes:

  • 2 to 3 days of complete bed rest
  • The application of ice to the affected area to control swelling
  • The correct way of cleaning and drying the vagina and applying topical medication
  • The medication that needs to be taken
  • Problems to look for and the need to contact Dr. Hong if they should occu
  • The schedule for post procedure checkups

Most patients are able to return to work within 3 to 7 days of the vaginoplasty. Vigorous exercise should not be undertaken for 3 to 4 weeks after which it can be gradually resumed. Dr. Hong usually starts patients with light exercises to tighten the vaginal vault muscle 1 week after surgery and advises patients to wear tight under wear after surgery to decrease swelling and bleeding. Sexual activity can normally be resumed after 6 weeks and complete healing is usually achieved 13 weeks after the vaginoplasty.

Vaginal problems are delicate and sensitive issues. Dr. Colin Hong is not only a most experienced cosmetic surgery specialist; he understands the sensitivity of the matter and the need to make his patients as comfortable as possible before, during and after the vaginoplasty.

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