Wrinkle Management in Mississauga, North York, and Southern Ontario

Injectable fillers and neuromodulator have been used in cosmetic surgery for wrinkle therapy since the early 1990’s with no serious side effects documented. Small amount of Injectable fillers and neuromodulator are injected right into the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles or undesirable facial muscle effects. This treatment is quick and results usually last for three to six months. The medication temporarily inactivates the muscles that produce wrinkles, thereby causing lines to disappear or diminish dramatically. It usually takes a few days after the injection to notice the wrinkle smoothing effect.

Some of the common areas treated with Injectable fillers and neuromodulator include crow’s feet, frown lines, laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. They can also be injected to weaken the muscles responsible for a “gummy smile” which can improve this appearance dramatically. Injections into muscles that lower the eyebrow or corners of the mouth can produce a form of temporary brow lift or lip lift.

After the first treatment, you may return for follow-up injections. Some doctors report that after several treatments, the effect of Injectable fillers and neuromodulator appears to last longer, often up to several months.

Injectable fillers and neuromodulator can be used by almost anyone; however, patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who have a neurological disease should not consider this procedure. New uses for Injectable fillers and neuromodulator include reduction in sweating of hands and armpits (hyperhydrosis) and relief of headaches.

Complications from Injectable fillers and neuromodulator to the upper eyelid include occasional bruising from the injection and a temporary drooping of the eyelid which rarely occurs after frown line injection. The injected medication is used in extremely small amounts and does not spread throughout the body, so you can return to full activity immediately.


Side effects include temporary bruising, swelling and possible stinging


Slight facial asymmetry, brow ptosis, and ectropion can occur if injectable fillers and neuromodulator is not properly administrated. 

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