FAQ: Skin Biopsy

If your doctor suspects that you may have skin cancer

This procedure will remove a small sample of your skin tissue that will be processed in a lab and examined to determine whether you have skin cancer or not

The risks and complications are similar to other aesthetic surgery but less likely since the procedure is not invasive and simple. In healthy patients in the hands of board certified Plastic Surgeons, the complication rates are in fact not very high.

You may rely on the physical examination of a dermatologist that is well-trained in detecting and classifying whether it is cancerous or not

As soon as abnormal skin appears and is detected

If you rely and trust the observation done by the dermatologist, you can choose not to have this procedure however it is recommended that you do because sometimes even with a well-trained eye, it cannot always be determined noncancerous

You are putting yourself at risk by allowing more time for the cancer cells to grow, if the skin area is indeed cancerous

This will depend on the depth of the skin area (shallow/deep) and overall size of the melanoma

The areas of the skin that are infected

If done properly, it is not needed for any additional surgeries

This will vary from patient to patient since the location of abnormal skin will differ

Depending on the size of the incision and how your skin recovers

It should take less than 10 minutes

There should be no to minimal pain since a local anesthetic is injected at the site before the removal is made

Pain is usually very minimal after surgery. My patients usually do not need to take any narcotic.

A local anesthetic is used and sedation is not needed

Yes, your medication list will be reviewed during your consultation and your preoperative appointments. Please notify your surgeon of any changes or new medications at your preoperative appointment.

No, this is usually not necessary

Arrive half an hour before your surgery


No, you usually do not need someone to drive you home as long are you are not taking any narcotics to manage the pain

  • 安排某人在家里和工作中承担责任
  • 如果您有其他疑问,请致电您的医生
  • Notify your doctor if you get sick within 10 days of your procedure (even minor illnesses like a cold)
  • 按照医生的建议停止进食和/或饮水
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours before your procedure
  • 确保您拥有医生的联系方式和前往诊所/医院的指示

The procedure should take less than 20 minutes

  • 确保已通过姓名和出生日期确认您的身份
  • 确保您的程序已被确认
  • Make sure the correct site of your procedure has been marked
  • 是的,您在术前区域醒着时会被标记。与您的外科医生交流。
  • Make sure the correct side of your procedure has been marked
  • 确认您可能有的任何过敏和副作用
  • 确保您了解并签署了知情同意书


This is an outpatient surgery and you may leave whenever you are ready to do so

Pain is none to minimal so usually you do not need medication

I usually like to see my patients 1-2 days after the procedure

Yes, they will be removed 3-5 days after the procedure

You may take off the bandage a day after the surgery

You can return to your normal routine right away

  • 确保护理人员在护理前后洗手
  • 不要等到剧烈疼痛才需要止痛药
  • Do not get up without help if you feel weak or dizzy
  • 您发烧高于华氏100.4度
  • 您呼吸急促或胸痛
  • You notice increased redness, swelling, warmth, or pain around your incision
  • 您会注意到切口正在分离,或者切口中已感染了分泌物
  • The edges of your biopsy site have an abnormal color
  • 您的敷料反复被鲜血浸透
  • 您有您现有的止痛药无法控制的疼痛
  • 遵医嘱服用止痛药和其他药物
  • 服用处方止痛药时请勿开车
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on bathing and swimming
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for your procedure site
  • 按照医生的指示恢复正常的日常活动